The Artur Lundkvist and Maria Wine Fundation
The Artur Lundkvist House is open for tourists
During the months of June and July, The Artur Lundkvist House is open to the public. Guides will advise the visitors
around the exhibit and the home of Artur and his spouse, a home that was moved from Solna, in the vicinity of
Stockholm, to his birthplace in Hagstad. In the past three years, the work of doing a thorough inventory of his work
and belongings has been concluded.
The house is open during June and July, Wednesday-Sunday.The admission is free but donations to the running and mainenance of the house are gracegully accepted. Tours can be arranged off-season by appointment. Please cotact Åke Petersson 0435-34291.
The guides are members of the Artur Lundkvist Foundation, previous scholars and other volunteers, all enthusiasts for the work of Artur Lundkvist. We are pleased to greet over 1300 visitors yearly and we wish you most welcome for a visit.
The Artur Lundkvist and Maria Wine Founation has as its purpose "to maintain tha birthplace of
Artur Lundkvist, to offer free lodging grants for writers, artists and other culture workers and to
spread knowledge about the literary production of Artur and Maria." The Artur Lundkvist and Maria
Wine Foundation (originally The Artur Lundkvist Foundation) was founded on the birthday of Artur
Lundkvist, May 3, 1992 and was fully appreciated by the autor himself.
Since the start, the work within the foundation and the cooperation between the foundation and
SALV (The Association Friends of Artur Lundkvist) has been encouraged and supported by the Town Councils of Solna and Perstorp.
The board has nine members and these are apponinted by The Culture Board of The Town Council
of Perstorp, The County Library of The Region of Skåne, and SALV - The Association Friends of
Artur Lundkvist.
In collaboration with Oderljunga IT, the Fundation has a website that will continually be developed.
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